Swedish cabinet member compared Israel with Nazi-Germany

A political scandal is brewing in Sweden, posing a threat to the country’s Minister of Housing and its relations with Israel, after it was revealed that the Cabinet member, Memhet Kaplan, dined with leaders of extremist rightwing groups.

And in a video, published by SvD, Mr Kaplan made comments that now have critics accusing him of antisemitism.

Under strecket

Mehmet Kaplan (MP), in a video from 2009.

Foto: Somali Star tv

Sweden’s Minister of Housing Mehmet Kaplan and Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

Foto: Maja Suslin/TT

Isaac Bachman.

Foto: Pi Frisk/Svenska Dagbladet

NEW YORK. The Swedish Green Party, Miljöpartiet (MP), which rules the country in cooperation with the Social Democrats, finds itself in crisis after damning revelations about Mehmet Kaplan, a Green Party member and Sweden’s Minister of Housing. Mr Kaplan showed a severe lack of good judgement, critics say, when he attended a dinner with leaders of rightwing extremist organizations last summer.

Mr Kaplan’s situation deteriorated on Sunday. In a video, shot in 2009 and published by SvD, Mr Kaplan compares Israel’s actions against Palestinians with the treatment of Jews in Hitler's Germany.