English version: EU drug agency investigates cancer vaccines

The European Medicines Agency (EMA), EU's drug authority, is launching a probe into possible side effects from the widely debated HPV vaccines, so far given to more than 70 million women to protect them from cervical cancer. The controversial EMA decision, presented Monday, is bound to ignite new discussions about the vaccines.

Lars Pehrson
Foto: Lars Pehrson
Harry Cabluck/AP
Foto: Harry Cabluck/AP

Common vaccination of 12-13 year old girls against the so-called HPV virus (human papilloma virus) began in most industrialized countries, including the EU, around 2009-2010, covering millions of individuals each year. The two available vaccines were launched several years before decisions were taken to begin widespread vaccination, accompanied by international and national lobby campaigns.

For years, talk of possible risks and side effects from HPV vaccines was rejected by authorities, doctors and drug companies. The decision by EMA in London, which is to be presented on Monday, according to SvD:s sources, is therefore likely to create harsh reactions.


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