aXichem AB (publ), that develops and markets natural analogue industrial compounds, has been granted a new U.S. patent for its natural analogue synthetic capsaicin product, phenylcapsaicin. Phenylcapsaicin is the key component in aXichems feed product, aXiphen-feed. The patent covers the use of phenylcapsaicin in bird feed and in particular poultry feed, comprising synthetic capsaicinoids derivatives and for prophylactic use or treatment of salmonella infection. The patent is valid until 2035 and is based on the E.U patent filed 2015 and approved August 21, 2019

- This new U.S. patent is important as we are now getting closer to the approval of GRAS feed in the U.S. and thereby gets full access to the potential in the U.S. market. It is obviously also adding great value to aXichems already strong patent portfolio, says Torsten Helsing, CEO at aXichem.

About aXiphen[®] feed[ ]
aXiphen feed is an ingredient designed and optimized for animal feed. Phenylcapsaicin is a natural analogue substance, a synthetically produced and patented capsaicin, based on a molecule developed by aXichem, and the key component in aXiphen feed. Since phenylcapsaicin is synthetically produced the substance has a number of advantages compared to natural capsaicin. The main difference is that natural capsaicin is extracted from chili and therefore varies in quality and seldom reaches a concentration above 85 percent. aXiphen feed holds a concentration of at least 97 percent and has predictable characteristics. One of the key industrial benefits of aXiphen is that aXichem can determine its water- and fat solubility, which is critical when using the substance in various kinds of products. aXiphen feed has been proven to have a documented positive effect on gut health and growth in poultry production.

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aXichem's business idea is to develop, patent and market natural analogue industrial compounds. The Company primarily works with phenylcapsaicin a structural analogue of capsaicin with a wide range of applications, such as feed additives, marine anti-fouling products and certain pharmaceutical areas. aXichem's shares are listed on NASDAQ First North Growth Market under AXIC A. Certified Adviser: Redeye AB +46(0)8 121 576 90. Read more about the company at