Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance has released a research update on Crunchfish where we for the first time attept to value the company's global opportunity in digital cash. We find significant value and decide to raise our valuation interval for the share, writes Västra Hamnen.

  •  Massive revenue potential in digital cash
  • Massive revenue potential in digital cash
  • In our first attempt to model the opportunity, we find significant value
  • We raise our fair value estimate to SEK 49.80 - 79.50 per share

 Crunchfish is undergoing a fast reorientation, where the company's business model is increasingly centred on its digital cash solution. And with
good reason. If the company can get payment providers to join its open standard for cross-currency and cross-platform payments, it could unite billions of digital wallets on a common platform that defines digital cash. It would enable an unprecedented degree of interoperability in the payment space. Crunchfish is just starting to specify its revenue model. Even at very low wallet fees, Crunchfish as facilitator of the platform could stand to reap a massive fee income, given the high number of potential users.

In our first attempt to value the opportunity, we apply tough risk adjustments but nevertheless end up raising our valuation interval to SEK 49.80 - 79.50 per share.

The full report is available here (https://www.vhcorp.se/notis/default.aspx?NotisID=2484).

The research report is prepared as part of Market Focus, Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance's commissioned research offering.

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