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”The Swedish Security Service talked to Stieg Larsson about the Palme murder”

Eva Gabrielsson stood by Stieg Larsson’s side. Together they tried to dig up the truth behind the murder of Olof Palme.

“I know that the Security Service spoke to Stieg about the Palme murder”, she says to SvD.

Ola Billger

Just as the Millennium couple Mikael Blomqvist and Lisbeth Salander, but for real? No, perhaps not. But after the assassination of Olof Palme on February 28thjournalist Stieg Larsson and his partner Eva Gabrielsson began researching the motives behind the murder after finding that several circumstances pointed at the Swedish extreme right.

“It happened straight away after the murder. Stieg was on to it very quickly”, says Eva Gabrielsson as we meet in a café close to Hornstull.