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Copper Age iceman Ötzi defrosted again

The 5,300-year-old iceman Ötzi has been defrosted again. Svenska Dagbladet reveals that samples from Ötzi’s body are currently being stored and analysed in Stockholm. Scientists hope their findings will eventually lead to the development of a new antibiotic. These unique photographs were taken by Professor Lars Engstrand, who witnessed the defrosting process.

Björn Malmström

Swedish researchers are investigating whether Ötzi, the 5,300-year-old mummified iceman, may have had resistant bacteria in his body at the time of his death. Svenska Dagbladet can today reveal that Ötzi’s body was defrosted in November, enabling samples to be taken from his stomach and large intestine. Stockholm-based researchers are currently analysing specimens obtained by Lars Engstrand, a professor of infectious disease epidemiology.

Next September marks the 20th anniversary of the spectacular discovery by two tourists of a frozen male body in a glacier in the Ötztal Alps, a mountain range on the border between Austria and Italy. News of the find quickly became a global sensation. The mummified human body, found in a mountain crevice 3,200-metres above sea level, was the oldest ever discovery of its kind. What’s more, the body was extremely well preserved.