The charges against Julian Assange, world famous and controversial front man for the site Wikileaks, were made on Friday night in Stockholm, Sweden.

An on-call prosecutor in Stockholm issued an arrest warrant for Assange on suspicion of one count of rape and one of molestation.

– Yes, I can confirm that he is charged in his absence. But since it is a sensitive investigation, I have no comment otherwise, said Johan Kjellsson, prosecutor at the Office of the Prosecutor for the Stockholm City, to

A person charged in his absence will be automatically called by the police. But the whereabouts of Julian Assange is not known for the moment.

– We are making inquiries in Sweden, says Ola Törndal, investigators at the police, to at 11 am.

– He is wanted in the whole country. We're looking as you do normally when someone is arrested, checking the addresses and phone numbers we know are relevant.

Törndal has no information as to whether Interpol has been wired to search for Assange abroad.

According to Swedish newspaper Expressen, the two women, ages 20 and 30, came to the police on Friday to discuss their encounters with Assange.

None of the women wanted to make a notification. It is as of now unclear who decided to make the notification to the prosecutor's office.

The Swedish Prosecution authority published the following statement Saturday morning:

”The arrest warrant relates to two separate events, one notification of molestation and one notification of rape. The person is charged in his absence when there is a risk that he might obstruct the investigation. " have so fair failed to reach Julian Assange. In separate emails to other Swedish newspapers he vehemently denies all accusations directed against him.